The research in macromolecular chemistry is spread all over Germany, from Rostock to Constance and from Dresden to Aachen. Polymer research can be found at 39 German locations and 46 institutions.

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Who we are

The Division of Macromolecular Chemistry brings together scientists from universities, research institutes and industry and pools the expertise of the following areas:

  • Polymer synthesis and modification (synthetic polymers & biopolymers, hybrid materials & composites, nanocomposites, etc.)
  • Polymer physics and characterization (structure determination & representation of structure-property relationships)
  • Industrial polymers / polymer materials and their applications
  • Functional polymers with tailor-made properties and systems based on polymers (devices)
  • New developments in the polymer field (for example polymers based on renewable raw materials, polymers and systems with (switchable) functions for electronics, optics, medical technology, biomaterials)

Through intensive collaboration, the division meets current challenges in research, application and training in the field of macromolecular sciences and, thus, contributes effectively to the preservation and promotion of the competitiveness of Germany as a scientific and industrial location.